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Probation Services

Probation Officer's and/or Case Managers are important to every phase of a criminal justice process. 

A probation departments clientele are individuals engaged in the criminal justice system. They are referred to the probation department for various reasons.

Probation Officer's/Case Managers are committed to proactive rehabilitation efforts, community partnerships, strengthening support systems, and are devoted to putting people in positions to succeed. Probation Officer's/Case Managers supervise individuals that have been sentenced to probation as a jail alternative. As a Probation Officer/Case Manager you enforce and support individuals with court-ordered conditions and obligations to address underlying challenges - addiction, mental health, and homelessness - that interfere with positive behavioral change. 

Probation Officer's/Case Managers role is to support both the judicial system and the individual involved in the criminal justice system. To do this, Probation Officer/Case Managers investigate, develop, evaluate, and analyze individual needs. Upon discovery of identified needs the Probation Officer/Case Manager works collaboratively with the client, community resources, judicial system, and attorneys to develop a support system for successful behavior modification, reduce recidivism, and increase socially responsible behaviors. This process can begin prior to sentencing and end upon judicial directive or closure of the specific judicial matter. 
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