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Thinking about becoming a Probation Officer?
Below are career opportunities in the state of Washington: 

Clark County District Court offers five Therapeutic Specialty Court (TSC) programs: Veterans Therapeutic Court, Treatment Alternative Court, DUI Court, Mental Health Court and Community Court. The mission for each program is simple: help participants to get re-established in the community; improve skills and self-sufficiency; reduce cycle of addiction and crime; and help restore and reunite families. 

Therapeutic Specialty Court Program Coordinator - District Court (Project Position through June 30, 2024)

Franklin County District Court is looking to hire a Therapeutic Courts Coordinator, Probation Officer and Work Crew Supervisor. The following job opportunities are available:  
Therapeutic Courts Coordinator will forecast, plan, develop and implement strategies and programs to accomplish goals, priorities and objectives including managing department resources; developing, interpreting, monitoring, adjusting and implementing policies and procedures; and managing daily operations. The coordinator will also provide case management support.

The Probation Officer carries a caseload and develops probation agreements in accordance with court rules and clients’ needs, performs pre-sentence investigations, supervision of clients for compliance with court orders, and provides other services as alternatives to incarceration for misdemeanant offenders.

The Work Crew Supervisor provides direct supervision to a crew up to 10 offenders who will perform specific duties based on project, need, capability and location. Offenders will be participants in the Community Litter Cleanup Program, as well as other projects arise. This position also backs up the Probation Department work caseload as a Probation Officer.

Kirkland Municipal Court is looking to hire an On-Call Probation Officer. The On-Call Probation Officer is responsible for providing services and programs that afford opportunities for probationers to change behavior, monitoring compliance with pre-trial and post-conviction orders, electronic home monitoring and jail, reporting client compliance status to the court, resolving conflicts, and serving as a liaison between the Court and the probationer.

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