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Welcome to the Washington State Misdemeanant Probation Association (MPA). This organization is bringing integrity, quality, continuity and effectiveness to Misdemeanant Probation Services in Washington State. Our members have and continue to make great strides in improving the lives of the people they serve in their communities. MPA supports its members by providing trainings, networking opportunities, research, insight, and professional development. 

About Us


The Misdemeanant Probation Association (MPA) was organized in 1971 by misdemeanant probation directors to increase the quality, continuity, and effectiveness of misdemeanant probation services within Washington State. 



You can join MPA anytime of the year or add new members to department memberships as staff changes!  Join a strong professional organization that is built on a strong ethical code, full of professionals throughout the state who are working for the common goals of rehabilitation and retribution.



Whether you are looking for training or specific courses; to change positions or relocate or grants and funding.  We have information to help you.  We are a network of knowledge, growth and advancement and here to help.

Board Meetings



July 22, 2024


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